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Gardening Coach

Gardening With Confidence™ will work with the clients at any level. From an initial consultation offering design suggestions to a full design with installation and everything in between. We can help you become a better gardener! At any point in your gardening journey, a gardening coach is a helpful tool. Many come to us with dog-eared pages in magazines wanting a garden "just like that." Our role, as a gardening coach, is to assist clients in having the garden they desire. Here is a sampling of the many reasons our clients call upon Gardening With Confidence™:

Below are some of the many reasons we are called for garden coaching:

  • To seek “permission” to do what they want to do.
  • Suggestions on how to reduce lawn size and where
  • Understanding the garden that came with their new home
  • Tidying up the garden to put the home on the market
  • Adding seasonal interest such as planting spring bulbs in the fall, winter blooming flowers, dazzling fallscapes, and summer longevity
  • To add a patio, water feature, paths, children’s play ground
  • To draw a full plan to scale
  • To draw a concept plan
  • To share resources


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